Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Don`t Make A Mess Of The Sacred Institution Of The Judiciary; Politics Is Not A Dog-Eat-Dog Game, Ex UNN Don, Dr. G.A Onuoha Warns Edo State Politicians

Don`t Make A Mess Of The Sacred Institution of The Judiciary; Politics Is Not A Dog-Eat-Dog Game, Ex UNN Don, Dr. G.A Onuoha Warns Edo State Politicians

These Edo State politicians are just manipulating and joking with and actually making a mockery of the courts in other to outwit and outmaneuver one another in their desperate gamble to occupy the gubernatorial seat in their State. They will stop at nothing to make a mess of the otherwise sacred institution of the judiciary and any other institution or agency they can lay their filthy hands upon in their desperation to achieve their political objective. It's unbelievable! This camp instigates a shadow, senseless litigation claiming some murky "reliefs" against the other candidate and goes behind to obtain some exparte (sometimes, carefully arranged midnight)  "injunction" to restrain the opponent from contesting an election already fixed just a few days before the votes are cast! This horrible spectre of extreme political manipulation forces us to look in the heart of darkness! The affected party thereafter runs off to another court of co-ordinate jurisdiction, sometimes, in another State, to obtain a rival countermanding Order whose effect essentially nullifies the tenor and ambit of the earlier adverse court order. And the Judges are ever willing to entertain these applications and grant any "reliefs" sought by these nattering, political desperadoes/gladiators and their political nabobs and myrmidons! In this way, they render politics in this country a very "dirty" and dangerous game unworthy of any serious engagement by decent and God-fearing people. In this light, politics becomes a rough game played by rough, maverick and dangerous individuals and groups of desperadoes! It has now become a game of dog eat dog! It is Machiavelli all the way! Even Machiavelli himself would be blue with envy and turning in his grave seeing the manner our politicians are playing the game and how they have surpassed his wildest imagination and projections in the pitiless and conscienceless game called "politics"! If we add the horrible Nigerian dimension of disappearance of political opponents, ballot snatching, ballot rigging and sometimes, executive use of the very electoral empires even at the federal level, to rig election and declare false results after manipulating the judiciary to frustrate opponents who might apply for judicial redress, Mr. Machiavelli will not only be turning but also weeping profusely in his antic grave! Question is: when will all this noonday madness end? Where is our conscience? When will all this desperation and concomitant manipulation end so that the electorate can finally breathe easy and obtain the result of their vote at the polls?

Dr. G. A. Onuoha, an Aba-Based Legal Practitioner, is a Lecturer (rtd), Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

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