Monday, 29 June 2020

Dr Ajibade Epitomizes Experience, Humility & Integrity; He Is For All; Does Not Discriminate Between SANs & Non-SANs, Nor Between Young & Old AT The Bar

Dr. Ajibade is reputed for his integrity and character. He epitomizes humility and believes that there should be mutual respect among lawyers as professional colleagues regardless of rank or seniority. He is a great advocate for professionalism and strict adherence to the Rules of Professional Conduct for the legal profession. It is therefore not surprising that he was appointed Chairman of Panel B of the Legal Practitioners’ Disciplinary Committee for Lagos on 11 July 2017.

Dr Ajibade SAN’s practice straddles both corporate/commercial practice and litigation. He is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, but he has also chaired the Capital Markets Solicitors’ Association (CMSA). His significant experience in corporate/commercial practice and litigation means that he occupies that peculiar position that enables him to understand the challenges that corporate/commercial lawyers and litigators face in their areas of practice.

Dr Babatunde Ajibade, SAN is very passionate about the legal profession and is eager to play a major role in finding lasting solutions to the challenges that plague it. The law firm which he leads as Managing Partner (i.e. S. P. A. Ajibade & Co.) has for the past 12 years been organizing an annual business luncheon. These events to which the firm commits significant resources every year, present opportunities for lawyers and other stakeholders in the justice delivery system to come together to discuss issues that affect the legal profession.

Let`s do better with Dr Ajibade.

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