Thursday, 25 June 2020

Dr Ajibade is a Candidate for All Lawyers In Nigeria; The Unifying Factor We Need To Drive The Much-Needed Reforms in the Bar -- EMEKA AKAOLISA, Kobe, Japan

I have traveled far and wide, and I understand how the Legal Profession operate in some of the developed countries around the worldOne thing I have discovered is that there is need for radical reforms and positive changes in the Nigeria Legal System and Administration of both Civil and Criminal Justice. Besides, the foundations of the rule of law is threatened in Nigeria. 

Meanwhile, I have taken my time to carefully peruse the profile of each of the three aspirants who are provisionally cleared to contest the NBA Presidency in 2020, and I have patiently followed up with public statements from both the aspirants and their supporters. I have watched with admiration the comportment of Dr Ajibade`s supporters on social media, as well as the aura of honesty that oozes out from his speeches and promises. Added to this is the fact that he has not got any adoption by any tribal group or branch. This shows he is independent, and, if elected, would not be distracted by any (secret) deal with a tribal group or particular NBA Branch. He is a candidate for the entire country, and preferred by all.

I therefore call on members of The Nigerian Bar Association, to support  Dr. Babatunde Ajibade, SAN, He will  restore the integrity & honour of the Nigerian Bar. 
Emeka Akaolisa Esq. 
Kobe, Japan.

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