Saturday, 20 June 2020

NBA Presidency: Demola Akinrele (SAN) Throws His Weight Behind Dr Ajibade, Says We Must Embrace Objectivity, Subdue Sentiment & Prejudice, & Grasp the Opportunity To Enhance Our Profession.

The leadership of the Nigerian Bar Association can be used as the barometer through which one measures the moral temperature of our nation; from the erudite stature of Chief Rotimi Williams, to the moral stature of Alao Aka-Bashorun, the effect of their leadership in national affairs, was impactful and profound.

The dictates of our age, with the dangers of expanded executive power, an anachronistic judicial system, and a pandemic with a unique virtue of catapulting us into the world of high technology, presents us with the challenge of fundamental reform in respect of which the choice of the new leadership must be carefully exercised.

In my humble view, we must elect a personality who has the vision to see beyond the horizon, interpret the vision with clarity, verbalise it with the language such clarity engenders, but most importantly, exhibits the character traits of perseverance in implementation and who can maintain the ethical rigour that would command unity and support.         

Therefore, I support Dr Babatunde Ajibade SAN as one who most comprehensively embodies the qualities I have outlined. I became acquainted with Dr B. Ajibade SAN, in the course of a series of adverse proceedings in respect of which we appeared on opposing sides. Despite the vehemence and differences of our respective positions, he left an indelible impression on my mind as a bearer of the qualities required in this era of urgent reform.                  

Given the task at hand, this is no time to support candidates on the basis of ties of friendship or a sense of loyalty. We must subdue sentiment and prejudice and grasp the opportunity of enhancing pride in our beloved profession. It is a trial of objectivity. We must acquit ourselves rightfully.

Mr. Ademola Akinrele, SAN 

Managing Partner, 

F. O. Akinrele & Co.


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