Wednesday, 24 June 2020

New Wigs Nigeria, Sokoto/Kebbi Branch Affirms Dr. Ajibade`s Aspirations, Insists His Sterling Antecedents & Demonstrated Strength Make Him the Most Suitable


Having perused Dr Ajibade`s profile and heard and read about his antecedents, we are convinced that his commitment to making the welfare of Young Lawyers in Nigeria a top priority, is genuine, and that his philanthropic programs and activities, over the years, have positively affected many Young Lawyers. 

We speak of the things we have seen, heard and read about.

Dr. Ajibade's agenda for the Nigerian Bar is also to foster greater unity and oneness among the various interest and segments withing the Bar, so as to carry all lawyers along and give a genuine sense of belonging to everyone.

Finally, Dr Ajibade is passionate about issues affecting our society at present.

All these, among others, informed the confidence of the Sokoto/Kebbi State Chapter of New Wigs Nigeria, in his ability and vision to re-position the Bar, and our resolution that he is the best, among the current aspirants to the office the NBA President.

We call on fellow New Wigs across Nigeria,  and all lawyers,  to support the realization of Dr. Ajibade`s dream of leading the Bar in the next two years.

We so adopt!

May success be ours.

H.B Oshafi Esq.
New Wigs Nigeria,
Sokoto/Kebbi Branch

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