Sunday, 12 July 2020


I have considered Dr. Ajibade’s plans to digitize the stamp and seal regime and to dispense same electronically. The Seals have been very pivotal in the practice of Law in Nigeria. Processes filed without seals will be deemed to not have been properly filed. If such processes are not regularized, by affixing the seals after application for regularization, the effect is fatal. 

Over the years, lawyers, especially lawyers in litigation, have had challenges with the Stamp and seal regime. Applications for the seals are made through the NBA Branches, and the Branches at their convenience will forward the Applications to NBA headquarters in Abuja for processing. After each application is processed, the seals are produced, collated, and sent back to each branch for distribution to applicants.

Among the many problems associated with this process is that it is time-consuming. And as core litigation lawyers, processes, most times, ought to be filed within certain time limits.

Again, the Seal comes at a cost, and is limited in number. If a lawyer exhausts his seals, he will have to make a fresh application.

Dr. Ajibade understands this problem. That is why he has promised to digitize the stamp and seal and dispense same to lawyers electronically. He has additionally promised that that payment of the annual Practicing Fees would entitled each lawyer to some quantity of the seals. This would be awesome!

If these are done, a lot, if not all, the challenges experienced with the Stamp and Seal regime will be a thing of the past. The advantages are numerous!

Among the many other commitments by Dr Ajibade, and the sincerity with which these are made/delivered by him, which demonstrates a high probability that he would fulfill these promises, I have looked at his rich antecedents and followed his activities closely for the past few years. I have closely studied Dr Ajibade`s 15-Point Agenda for Young Lawyers in Nigeria. I honestly believe that a vote for Dr. Ajibade is a vote for a better, more improved Bar, ans especially so for the young lawyer. 

Emmanuel Onuoha Esq 

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