Saturday, 4 July 2020

EBF General Secretary Sir Ray Akanwa Takes A Stand, Declares "It Is In Our Collective Best Interest To Support DR Ajibade"

Politics is about interest. 

One's involvement depends on the level and depth of information available to one.

It is not quite wise for a leader to jump into the fray without proper and adequate investigation.

I've done a great deal of it.

I have found that it is in our collective interest to follow Dr. Ajibade SAN. He's humble and not backed up by any cabal or entrenched interest groups. 

I therefore appeal to my learned colleagues to ignore any divisive narratives or sentimental preachment: Dr Ajibade is the most competent and suitable. The Bar will achieve the best with DR Ajibade. Trust my words 

Thanks, and God bless you all. 

Sir Ray Akanwa,
General Secretary, 
Eastern Bar Forum (EBF),
Legal practitioner,
Abakalilki, Ebonyi State

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