Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Why Every Young Lawyer Should Actively Participate In The Electoral Process, To Choose The Right Leaders For The Bar. By Margret Joyful Igani

Most Nigerians see the defect in the system. Unfortunately, as a habit, most people prefer to complain (in their little corners or via their keypads, on Social Media Platforms, instead of coming out to actively participate when it's time to make important, critical  decisions towards choosing the right leaders to make the system better. They would rather remain neutral and say, "They are all the same." 

However, I have come to understand the dynamism in people and the effect of our inaction/bandwagon attitude in any system. I have realized that taking up such an indifferent attitude practically means one doesn't care even when one complains; one does not work for a change even when one sees the need for a change. In other words, one is practically throwing away the little power one has; power which if actively, positively utilized, might spark the change one would love to see.

It is for the above reasons that I earnestly implore every young lawyer thus: don't seek comfort in the wisdom of the crowd, don't ignore your own beliefs; you need to actively engage your thought process in voting the right candidates for the coming NBA elections.

Deep within me is a desire to see a united and responsive Bar, and an association that caters for the welfare of young lawyers, not forgetting to engage the mechanisms that's needed to aid the smooth administration of justice system in Nigeria. I believe Dr Babatunde Ajibade is passionately committed to the cause of the Nigerian Lawyer and has the drive to efficiently pursue that cause through the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and we can jointly make this happen by voting him in the coming elections.


Margret Joyful Igani


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