Sunday, 13 December 2020


The power that be must allow the judiciary to function. Judiciary must not allow itself to be manipulated. Interference with judicial process by those in authority is unlawful and unconstitutional. Those who are exercising judicial powers but allowed themselves to be used to interfere with judicial processes are engaging in sacrilegious judicial misconduct. Lawyers who file or agreed to file frivolous processes to interfere with the cause of smooth justice are doing so in an infamous conduct.

Nothing works in a country where judiciary is not allowed to perform its statutory and constitutional role. We are here where we are today in Nigeria because both the producers of judicial products and consumers of the products called justice have conspired, consciously or unconsciously to adulterate the products to the prejudices of the good of all.
Honestly  I weep for us in this country because in no distance future the glory of the legal profession would disappear from Nigeria. Put more succinctly, 90% of the problem of infringment of the rule of law in this country lies with the legal profession.

The Attorney of the Federation, the Attorneys General of the 36 states of Nigeria and even the private legal practitioners who represent government, government agencies and parastatals give advice to those institutions,that run contrary to the rule. Instead of being ministers that we are, advise are given to promote the primordial partisan interest of those who hired and engaged them.

The legal profession which includes the Bench and the Bar should do more of in house cleansing to save the profession and the society at large.

As it is presently, Nigeria is a country where anything happens.And this has retard progress in Nigeria.
No serious investors will want to invest in a society where the legal profession manipulate laws and judicial processes to the prejudices of quick and undiluted justice. Investors cannot invest where they cannot recoup or recover their capital and profits. Those who know what is good but proceed to use law to unjustly deny justice to those who deserved justice are the greatest enemies of the state.

Yes law is technical but engaging in the promotion of high tech or hybrid technicalities to deny justice is bad technique.

For us to grow and develop as a nation both the producers and consumers of justice must have a rethink and avoid act or conduct which pollute the stream of justice.

One of such conduct is called interference. Interference with judicial processes at whatever level by whosoever is the worst crime in the legal profession in Nigeria today. It must stop if we are to make progress as a nation. Those who do it know themselves.

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